The Florida Tomato Exchange (FTE) was established in 1974 to foster cooperation among Florida’s tomato growers and packers in an effort to promote the long-term viability of tomato production in Florida.

The member companies of the FTE account for over 90 percent of the tomatoes grown in Florida, which produces more fresh-market tomatoes than any other state in the country. FTE members are also among the largest producers of tomatoes in California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. FTE member companies produce over one billion pounds of tomatoes each year, which is about 50 percent of the fresh-market tomatoes grown in the U.S. This includes beefsteak-type round tomatoes, as well as Roma, Grape, and Cherry tomatoes.

The FTE manages government relations and legal matters on issues affecting the tomato industry by working with policymakers and elected representatives. Since 1996, the FTE has led the U.S. industry in fighting against low-priced and subsidized tomato imports, which have significantly injured tomato growers across the country. In addition to international trade disputes, the FTE works on behalf of its members to address issues related to the agricultural workforce, crop protection, the Farm Bill, and food safety.